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HORROR: Teen Tries to Escape ISIS, So They Call in “The Bulldozer” to Deal With Him

Teen Tries to Escape ISIS So They Call in The Bulldozer to Deal With Him

The barbarians who call themselves the Islamic State group have come up with another utterly despicable method to punish children who refuse to follow the way of jihad.

Mohammed was only 14 years old when he was forcibly recruited by the Islamic extremists after his Syrian city was taken over. He refused to become a jihadist so wound up facing “The Bulldozer,” a brute of a man, for his punishment.

Mohammed wouldn’t buy into the terrorists’ belief that he must be trained as a Muhammadan warrior to protect the final Caliphate against future generations from the West.

With his friend Ahmed, Mohammed tried to escape the clutches of the jihadists. But while Ahmed was captured and sent to a special school for intense proselytizing, Mohammed continued to hide from the terrorists.

One day, however, Islamic warriors came directly to his door. Mohammed knew then that he had been betrayed, likely for money.

Subsequently, Mohammed was tortured. When the boy still refused to submit, he was hauled in front of a Sharia judge.

The judge proclaimed that Mohammed was guilty of leaving the realm of “true Islam“ for the land of the unbelievers and would have to suffer the consequences.



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