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You’ve Been Cutting Cake The Wrong Way Your Whole Life. Here’s How To Cut It According To Science

Here is how to cut a cake the right way according to science

Here’s how to cut a cake the right way, according to science.

Generally, when you slice a cake you cut a triangular piece from the center, right? If somebody other than you will be cutting your cake it is very important that they know exactly what size a portion is supposed to be and how to cut it the right way.

A YouTube video by a British writer and mathematician Alex Bellos has gone viral, in which he reveals how a cake should be cut correctly in a scientific way.

Bellos recommends that if you use the triangular slice method for a circular cake you’re not “maximizing the amount of gastronomic pleasure,” except you want to consume the whole cake in one sitting. Moreover, when you want to eat it later, the exposed cake is dry, hard and on the whole awful.


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