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‘Hotel Jihad’ – where an invading army of angry, young, strapping illegal alien Muslims are demanding immediate attention to their ‘needs’

ITALY: Newly arrived Muslim invaders (No, they are NOT refugees) are rioting in the streets of Milan and fighting with police because they don’t much like their temporary living conditions and are angry they haven’t been given the kind of food they demanded – hamburgers and pizza. Alessandro Morelli, local councillor for the Northern League in Milan, posted a video (below) showing the wild-eyed savages in action.

MUSLIM invaders who illegally are flooding Italy, moan and riot over 'poor living conditions'

DMF  In the video, one of the angry freeloaders complains, “We asked several times for better food.” “We complained hundreds of times, the food they are giving us here you wouldn’t even give to a ‘whore.’”

“For example, several times we asked for but never received pizza or a hamburger.”  “The bread is hard. It’s not good. The menu needs to be redone completely. If I went to a restaurant with some friends, we would definitely eat better than we eat here.”1

DMF  More and more of these hotel protest stories, in which asylum seekers invaders stage some protest about the quality of the hotel they are lodged in at taxpayer expense. Perhaps Italy should put them up in fancy hotels like the one below instead?


Usually this is something absurdly trivial and almost invariably the story ends with the local authorities offering the invaders some other arrangement more to their liking.

Although the phenomenon is not particularly important in itself, it’s a good indication of the extraordinary sense of entitlement the invaders have, one that has been cultivated by the deranged compassionism of our ruling class.


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