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Why Do I Write Xtianity Like I Do…If You’re ‘Offended’ By It Then Read This

For 2,000 years Xtians have slaughtered, tormented, and vilified the Jewish people for the simple reason that we categorically refuse to believe the ridiculous notion that Jesus was our messiah.  Jesus was an ordinary Jew who never claimed to be a god and never claimed to be the messiah, these were inventions many years after the fact.


By using the translation of the Greek word for annointed (cristos), that would in some way give credence to the fact that jesus would be considered anything more than a regular human being, something I refuse to be a part of.  I have been spelling it like this since I was a child and I certainly am not changing now.

For those of you out there who claim I’m intolerant or rude or whatever other adjective I have seen under my posts, where is your tolerance and understanding?  Just because my belief is in stark contrast to yours, doens’t mean that I’m intolerant.  If you don’t like the way I spell xtian then you are more than welcome to leave the page, which would be completely hypocritical on your part.

I don’t bash xtians, I don’t hate xtians, in fact I’m one of the FEW news sources in the world who sheds light on the muslim massacres of xtians around the world…and I do this on a daily basis.  So the next time you want to vilify me, maybe think twice before you do so because I’m one of the few people who is making the world aware of xtian suffering around the world.

As an orthodox Jew I believe in the Torah something that is in stark contrast to what Xtians believe today.  Jesus is not a god, he was not the messiah, and he is not coming back…and that is why you will NEVER see me write a word that gives any credence to that.  Just as you are entitled to your beliefs, I am also entitled to mine.  After 2,000 years of the way Xtians have treated Jews in every part of the world, I find the calls of my intolerance to be downright absurd when no one bothers to even wonder why I write it like this or see it from a Jewish point of view.

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