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WTF: Jewish Israeli Man Attempted to Join ISIS

Jewish Israeli man intercepted in Turkey after family turn to Foreign Ministry to stop their son from joining ISIS.

By Nitsan Keidar

The Israeli Foreign Ministry and Interpol Israel apparently succeeded in stopping an Israeli from joining ISIS, after his family informed authorities of the situation. The man, aged 21, was arrested with the assistance of the Turkish government.

On Thursday, the man’s family contacted the Foreign Ministry and said that he had flown to Crete in order to reach Syria. Based on e-mail messages from the man, the family had reason to believe that he intended to join ISISforces in Syria.

Despite his age, the man’s family were registered as his legal guardians, raising the possibility he may not be mentally stable.

The man flew from Crete to Izmir in Turkey, and from there to Adana. He then continued by road to Iskenderun, a city near the Syrian border.

The Turkish government instructed local police to find him


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