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Flight to Chicago diverted, 6 Muslims arrested for “interference with flight crew”

Dry run? A testing of responses? A bunch of louts? All of the above? The behavior of these six creeps seems so far over the top as to suggest premeditation, a deliberate attempt to provoke a reaction. Certainly they were primed for that reaction with their predictable charge of “racism.”


“FBI outlines reasons why six Southwest Airlines passengers were arrested and charged in Amarillo,” by Holly Haber,, September 1, 2015 (thanks to Jeffery):

FBI special agent T. Scott Hendricks has filed an affidavit explaining why Southwest Airlines diverted a San Diego-Chicago flight to Amarillo late Monday and booted six passengers off the flight.

The six, said to be members of a San Diego area soccer team, were subsequently arrested and charged with “interference with a flight crew and abetting.”

Basically, according to Hendricks per Southwest, the passengers -Khalid Yohana, 19; Wasim Imad Shaker, 23; Essa Solaqa, 20; Ghazwan Assad Shaba, 21; Jonathan Khalid Petras, 20; and Saiman Hermez, 19- were refusing orders from the flight attendants, challenging their authority and being mean to other passengers.

One flight attendant said that during the emergency demonstration prior to takeoff, the six “were asked numerous times to put their seat backs and tray tables up, which is required for takeoff of the aircraft, to which they verbally responded ‘no.’”

They “complied” after the flight attendant warned them the airplane would return to the gate if they didn’t do so.

“Later, while the flight attendants were taking drink orders, the six passengers started talking loudly and using profanity,” Hendricks said in his affidavit. The flight attendant “asked them to quiet down and they responded, ‘We can be as loud as we want and do whatever the [expletive] we want on here. You can’t make us listen.’”

When the flight attendant “said they couldn’t do that, they lunged forward in their seats and said, ‘We can do whatever we want on here.’”

That flight attendant denied their request for alcohol. They “became aggressive by lunging forward” at the flight attendant, who “stated she felt threatened and that they were escalating their aggressive behavior.”

The passengers asked another flight attendant why the first flight attendant wouldn’t serve them alcohol. That flight attendant also declined to serve them.

“They accused the attendants of being racist” and called the second flight attendant a “pig” as she walked away. The passengers then told a third flight attendant “that they could do whatever they wanted to because they bought a ticket.”


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