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After Actor Mark Ruffalo Calls for End to Gaza Blockade, Israelis Offer Him This Invitation

Residents of the Israeli border city of Sderot would like actor Mark Ruffalo to visit and learn how they feel living under the constant threat of rocket attacks, after he posted a tweet calling on Israel to lift its blockade on Gaza.

Ruffalo also tweeted a link to an online petition that accused Israel of violating international law and keeping Gazans from receiving construction materials to rebuild homes destroyed in last summer’s military conflict between Israel and Hamas. The petition did not mention the terrorist group that controls Gaza.

“I invite Mark Ruffalo to come to me for [Sabbath], to live all day in the bomb shelter, 24 hours — and you can’t go out because of rockets — and then say what he thinks about the closure of Gaza,” Chen Hana Elmaliah, a 24-year-old university student told TheBlaze by phone Thursday from her home in Sderot.

While she said she sympathizes with Ruffalo’s desire to help the Palestinians, she worries he’s not seeing the entire picture.

“It’s really easy to see only one side,” said Elmaliah whose house was hit by a rocket when she was 17, one of many such traumatic experiences she has endured. Sderot has sustained thousands of rocket attacks.

“There’s a horrible terror organization ruling there for years,” she said.
Moria Hagbi, 24, a teacher from Sderot, has also experienced multiple close calls, including when a rocket fell behind her house while she was a high school student.

She said she lives in a constant state of fear and worries that if the Gaza blockade is lifted, the situation will only get worse.
“When I hear the banging of a door, I get scared. This means my situation is not normal,” Hagbi told TheBlaze.

Hagbi emphasized she feels for Palestinians suffering in Gaza but that she doesn’t trust the Hamas leadership.

“I have no faith in them,” she said.


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