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Israel: The Vegetarian Holy Land

Israel is a well-known country. For its size, it takes up a lot of news space.

Whatever your political opnions may be, most agree that the people are beautiful, that there are a freaky number of Israeli Nobel Prize laureates, and blah blah.. what nobody talks about is the FOOD.

Israeli falafel sandwich

Being that food is one of my favorite subjects, howevs, I am here to rectify that. And share foodgasmic photos of it. And tell you, food lovers — especially vegetarians — get your butts to Israel.

You can thank me later.


Why is the food so good in Israel?

Well, despite the fact that less than 4% of its workers are in agriculture and that only 20% of its land is arable, Israel produces 95% of its own food. That’s cray-cray.

That also means that the food is insanely FRESH.

Melons in Israel

In addition to the freshness factor, another key component to Israeli food is its many influences. Israeli cuisine combines Middle Eastern roots with the varied flavors of the Jewish diaspora.

Yemenite food stand in Israel

Are you picking up what I’m putting down? These are the building blocks to killer food.

As for vegetarians…

I’m not technically a vegetarian, though I do limit my meat consumption and generally avoid factory farmed shiz. But, when I’m traveling, I usually cheat quite a bit, as I never want to miss out on local specialties.

In Israel (and the Middle East in general), though, it was super easy to avoid meat.

Israeli market vendors

I have heard of India as being a great country for vegetarians, and I’d like to add Israel to the list.

At every meal, you can feel full, satisfied, and not left out. To be honest, I never felt sad about not eating meat. Every shwarma stand also has falafel, making it easy to eat out with friends and stuff your face silly.

Fig vendor in Israel

Not yet convinced to visit the vegetarian holy land? Check out some of my fave eats from my time in Israel, and you just might be…

Fruits & vegetables

Abundant, and fresh. Not much more I can, or need to, say.


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