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ISIS Issues 11 Commandments for Xtians to Obey If They Want to Live in Their Ancestral Homeland


ISIS child jihadis execute 25 Syrian soldiers at an ancient Roman Amphitheater in Sryia.

The Islamic State terror group has issued a “safety contract” that Christians living in the captured Syrian town of Qaryatian must follow, which includes 11 specific commandments, if they want to live.

“The meeting showed images of a lot of Christians abducted from the city of al-Quaryatayn, in what is believed to be a cultural center. It also stipulated 13 items to give security to the Christians in the city, “Jamil Diarbakerli, director of the Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights, told International Christian Concern.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights noted that Christians in the captured town will have to pay the jizyah or jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims, in addition to the other commandments issued by IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The watchdog group listed the 11 stipulations, which prohibit: the establishment of churches, the displaying of crosses, making Muslims hear Christian prayers or rituals of worship, the hiding of spies, offending Islamic religious beliefs, the carrying of weapons, the sale of pork or wine to Muslims, and failing to dress modestly.

Nahren Anweya, an Assyrian-American activist, said that the terror group, which has captured cities and towns across Iraq and Syria, is seeking to suppress any Christian presence in the region.

“Our entire ancestral homelands have been completely taken and now they won’t even allow us to sustain our religious faith in one God and his son Jesus Christ, ” Anweya told the International Business Times.


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