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Military Prowess: China Demonstrates Missile Arsenal


During the military parade on September 3, China demonstrated a large number of cruise and ballistic missiles, highlighting the scale of its expanded missile arsenal.

The US fears China’s rising military might. The military parade demonstrated that armed with non-nuclear warheads, ballistic and cruise missiles China now has the ability to attack a heavily defended enemy from a considerable distance, degrading the enemy’s fighting ability before an invasion, neutralizing enemy air strength by knocking out airfields and even striking at naval vessels at sea.

About 12,000 servicemen as well as 500 units of military hardware and over 200 military aircraft took part in a military parade dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II that was held in Beijing, China on September 3.

The parade was the largest since 2009, when the Chinese Communist Party celebrated 60 years in power. Considering that China is a nation with a fast modernizing military, the events were watched closely by many, Stratfor reported.

China showed a large number of cruise and ballistic missiles during the parade, highlighting the scale of its expanded missile arsenal. The names of these missiles were written in non-Chinese characters, demonstrating that Beijing wanted to show the world its missile expertise.


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