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Norwegian Muslim “Migrant” Confirmed As Kenyan Mall Terrorist


No one is vetting these jihadists. And worse still, Pope Francis called on Sunday on every European parish and religious community to take in one migrant family each in a gesture of solidarity he said would start in the tiny Vatican state where he lives.

The Westgate Mall massacre was gruesome even by Islamic standards. Muslims were released, while non-Muslims had their eyes gouged out and were murdered in cold blood.
Norwegian Migrant Confirmed As Kenyan Mall Terrorist Breitbart, September 6, 2015
It has taken two years but Norwegian security services have finally confirmed a Norwegian man of Somali descent was one of the terrorists who attacked a Kenyan shopping mall in 2013.

On 21 September 2013, a group of terrorists attacked the Westgate Mall, an upmarket shopping centre in an affluent part of Nairobi, Kenya. During the ensuing siege the four young gunmen, also armed with grenades, shot indiscriminately at shoppers, staff and security services killing at least 67.

It took four days for Kenyan security services to lift the siege. The Islamists were killed by a combination of police action and the collapse of areas of the mall. The Somali terror group Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility.

Ever since the events in September 2013 the identity of one of the gunmen was suspected to be a Norwegian citizen called Hassan Dhuhulow, reports Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten. 23 years old at the time of his death, Dhuhulow arrived in Norway aged nine in 1999.




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