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She Has A Simple Trick….She Puts Bags Of Water In Her Shoes. The Result Is So Good, I’m Trying Now


here are a number of reasons your shoes might shrink. Maybe you went for a midday stroll and got caught in the rain. Perhaps your sister’s cat urinated in them, leaving you no choice but to wash them, knowing they’d shrink (apparently, that’s a true story). Regardless of the cause, there aren’t many solutions. Fortunately, you won’t need any other options, because this trick seems to work wonders.

Gen from JumbleJoy must have remembered something from chemistry class back in middle school — when water turns to ice, it expands in the process. It’s simple enough to understand, but it pretty impressive how she took a classroom concept and turned it into something with real-world uses.If you don’t see where she’s going with it by now, I’ll spoil the ending for you: by filling her shoes up with bags full of water, the bags will expand as they freeze, stretching out her shoes in the process. The only problem I can see arising is over-stretching your kicks, though I suppose at that point, you could just shrink them again!


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