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WATCH VIDEO: Footage Emerges of ‘Refugees’ Abusing Police, Throwing Food and Water Away onto Train Tracks


The question no one is asking is why all these people, all of a sudden? Did millions of Muslims across the Middle East and Africa get a text message that said, go now? This is clearly orchestrated, and as I previously reported, ISIS warned Europe of an invasion of “migrants.” This, too, is an act of war. How many jihadists are among the hordes?

YouTube video has emerged showing the Muslim migrants overwhelming Europe rejecting food packages and bottled water, throwing them onto the train tracks. Although the children appeared eager to take the food, the adults would not allow it, in some cases throwing it back at police.

Now there’s a harbinger of things to come.

David Cameron agreed to allow many more refugees into Britain following an outcry on social media over a photograph of a dead migrant child. What the media doesn’t tell you is that the Syrian boy drowned because his Father wanted new teeth. The family of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi were given free housing in Turkey, while the father’s story is full of holes. And yet the photo of the child washed up on a beach has become iconic of the massive Muslim invasion of Europe. The media’s cynical exploitation of mirrors the al Dura hoax.

CNN says of the photo of the toddler: “It took a tragic photo of a drowned toddler on a Turkish beach to make the refugee torrent pouring into Europe a problem for America too.”

Referring to the photograph of the dead child, he said: “I genuinely think and believe that Chancellor Merkel, compounding the pull factors this week, is more likely to make us see more of those kind of photographs. It is a very dangerous thing, I think, that she has done.

The fact is, if they Europeans cave, millions more will come — and food won’t be the only thing they’ll be throwing at police.

Editor’s Note: Video has been removed by YouTube. A replacement video is at the end of the article.


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