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‘Heartbreaking’ Syria orphan photo wasn’t taken in Syria and not of orphan

syria-2Photographer shocked at how photo was ‘twisted’

An image of a child purportedly lying between his parents’ graves in Syria that exploded on Facebook and Twitter was actually a staged photo taken as part of an art project.

The graves were not graves but piles of stones, the orphan was not an orphan but the photographer’s nephew, and the image itself was actually taken in Saudi Arabia.

The truth behind the picture, which was appropriated by people on social networks this week to reflect the tragic situation in Syria, was unearthed by Harald Doornbos, who interviewed the photographer Abdul Aziz al Otaibi on his blog.

Al-Otaibi said he was shocked by how the picture had been ‘twisted’, given that he made it very clear that the graves were fake when he posted it on Facebook.




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