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Why Israel should not take in any Syrian Refugee

an_aerial_view_of_the_zaatri_refugee_campZaatari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

Recently Israeli PM Netanyahu refused to take in refugees from the recent Syrian civil war which has engulfed the whole Syria. Millions of Syrians have fled the country.  More than a million refugees each have found safe refuge in Jordan and Turkey. Thousands have fled to Iraq and Lebanon. The UN and many international humanitarian organizations are helping them. Thousands are landing in Greece every day. Germany has promised to take in 0.8 million and UK will take in 20,000. Sweden has taken in 42,000. Now the pressure is being put on Israel to open its doors, which is a bit of problem.

Syria has never officially recognized Israel as a country, has fought 3 wars with Israel and many proxy wars with Israel. Syria is officially an ally of Hezbollah and Iran, arch enemies of Israel. Common Syrians have also never been supportive of Israel and consider it a terrorist country. Why do people who have always considered Israel an illegitimate country now suddenly seeking refuge there?

In 1967 war Syria lost a considerable territory to Israel called Golan Heights. Syria tried to take it back in the 1973 war but lost once again. Syria still wants it back and conceivably sends in spies and saboteurs in the guise of refugees, which will destabilize Israel. This is true that the war has almost reached Israel’s doorstep. If you see the map of the Syrian conflict, most of the North Israel- Syria border is still controlled by the Syrian Government which is totally safe.  The civilians living in the Southern Syrian border with Israel can easily move to Jordan (which also shares a border), which is already hosting refugees and has in place a proper system to help them.

The only thing Israel can do to assist these refugees while still maintaining its own security is to transport them to either Jordan or to the Northern border with Syria which is under Government control. 50% of Syria is still under the control of the Syrian government which is totally safe.


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