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A “Refugee Boy” in Finland caught in lies, really a 20 year old ISIS member


“Then you see this guy on television and learn that 80 per cent of the refugees coming to Finland are young men like him – not women, children or families.”

The prelude was played on Saturday evening when a Finnish TV station MTV broadcast a short conversation between the Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä and an asylum seeker Fahad Firas at the Oulu refugee centre.

In the interview the boy explains that he may look “big” but he is only 17 years old and that he can prove this. He also states that his father was killed and he, himself, was kidnapped. The boy says that he is from Irak. The prime minister just keeps on listening and nodding with sympathy.

The prime minister was so touched by his encounter with the refugees that he agreed to let his house in Kempele, a municipality next to Oulu, become a home for refugees at the turn of the year, when his own family moves to southern Finland.

Seeing the interview, people could not believe their eyes, and began to search for more information – there was a lot to be found.


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