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Federal refugee resettlement contractors on board—have upped the number to 100,000 Syrians

rev-john-mcculloughThe Rev. John McCullough, CEO of Church World Service, pulls down a salary and related income package of just short of $300,000 while competing with other so-called “religious groups” in divvying up third world refugees to your towns and cities.

Only a week ago the US State Department contractors (who we hear are leading the State Dept. by the nose!) are now demanding that Obama admit 100,000 Syrians ASAP when only last week they said they would be satisfied with a mere 65,000.

Remember readers that the so-called “religious groups” mentioned in this article are PAID BY THE HEAD TO RESETTLE REFUGEES and that they decide to which towns and cities they will distribute them.

Reuters  (Hey Reuters, when are you ever going to do a little research and mention that these are US State Department contractors largely funded with US taxpayer dollars masquerading as Christian and Jewish not-for-profit charities!):

(Reuters) – Religious groups in the United States have urged the White House to step up its response to the Syrian refugee crisis, with one on Tuesday calling Washington’s efforts so far “disappointing.”

Church World Service, a global humanitarian organization that represents 37 Christian denominations, has called on the government to take in 100,000 Syrians over the next year, said Jen Smyers, who works on the group’s immigration and refugee program.


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