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MUSLIM MIGRANT: Dragged 7yr Old White Girl Into Bushes and Brutally Raped Her

This is exactly what the media doesn’t want you to know – but they are completely ignoring it. Let’s make it heard everywhere.

A little 7 year old girl was brutally raped by a Muslim migrant from North Africa.

She was with her mother in the park and her mother was only a few meters away from here, when a Muslim man dragged her into the bush, hold her mouth shut and raped the little girl brutally. After he finished the rape, he let the girl go and left the crime scene running. It happened quick that the mother did not even notice anything. She first realized it when the seven year old girl came crying to her.

This is a case where German media normally explodes. There should be several reports in each newspaper, TV and online media reporting several times per day about every single new fact and ever new evident the police finds. You all know the party that the news are celebrating when something like this happens.


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