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Hungary will stop immigrants with brutal laws in a few days


According to, authorities will have a totally different attitude towards refugees from next Tuesday. Those who enter illegally, will be caught, prisoned and quickly expelled from the country. Those who submit an asylum application will not be able to enter Hungary and will be sent back to Serbia. The government prepares for crowd control scenes too, but according to Orban’s plans, that is the only way that there will be relatively calm for Christmas.

Viktor Orban and Janos Lazar noted several times in the days that there will be a new era in the treatment of refugee situation from September 15. The Prime Minister and his Minister hinted that the amendments of the asylum legislative package approved by the Parliament will come into force this time.

It is not about simple technical changes. The authorities, the police, the immigration office, the court get assets, liabilities which provide a totally different managing of the refugees arriving at the border. For example, the police will give very different responses to the outbursts seen in Roszke on Monday and Tuesday.

Refugees will be expelled within 3 hours

According to the government sources of, the creation of the so-called transit zones will be a quite important change. U-shaped areas will be established, which will be open to the Serbian border and closed towards Hungary.

Because of these zones, the border strip will be expanded to 60 meters, and it is an important new feature that the transit zone does not constitute the area of Hungary.

It will be a non-state area, such as the Ferihegy Airport transit. That is, the refugees will connect with the Hungarian authorities in such a way that they do not enter Hungary, namely the EU.

The immigrants can submit their asylum applications in the transit zones, there is the only way to legally get into the EU. Minister of Foreign Economic and Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto earlier said that three of those transit zones would be constructed at the Serbian border. By law, the submitted asylum application must be dealt with in 8 days. (According to the European rules, a refugee can freely move about in the EU during this time). Only those can enter Hungary who receive refugee status.

But the government has a tricky answer to this.

According to a cabinet member, it would be prescribed for the authorities not to avoid the decision: they should decide on the application in 2-3 hours. These decision will be almost invariably dismissive, since based on a legal amendment in the summer too, the government declared Serbia a safe country.

Thus, it seems the refugees arriving at the Serbian borders will not have other choice but to turn back to Serbia from the Hungarian transit zone.

Illegal border crossers will be expelled

Of course, they can also choose to try to illegally enter the country as thousands of people already do it. From September 15, however, it is not an offense, but – according to the amended Criminal Code – a crime. Then the police will not escort them to a registration point or place them on a bus, but take them into custody and send to court. The judges must decide quickly. The result will be prison and/or expulsion, according to the Criminal Code.

Viktor Orban urges the construction of the fence and told off Minister of Defense Csaba Hende because only the fence can make sure that the mass of refugees go to the transit zone and do not walk through the green border. So it is all the same a refugee wants to go Hungary legally or illegally, he/she almost certainly will be expelled.


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