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“‘The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS’ reveals what the West is really up against”


“Robert Spencer Looks Squarely at ISIS,” by Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage, September 7, 2015:

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“Speaking freely about Islam is clearly more risky. But difficult questions must be asked and answered—if the West is going to face the terrorist threat adequately. For if there are elements of Islam itself that engender violence, it is neither irresponsible nor hateful to say so.”

Robert Spencer wrote those words in the opening of “Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions about the World’s Fastest-Growing Faith.” It was 2002 and we were all on a terrible journey into a different world leaving behind the peace that we thought we had earned a right to in the aftermath of the Cold War.

Beginning with “Islam Unveiled,” Robert Spencer would be our guide in this world. His books charted the development of the threat. A decade ago, he wrote “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam.” Now he has written “The Complete Infidel’s Guide to ISIS.” And it, like all his many books, are motivated by, as he wrote in Islam Unveiled, the need “to look squarely at what the West is really up against.”

The rise of ISIS has dismantled many of the politically correct pieties that Robert Spencer has spent so much time deconstructing. ISIS may be the first almost fully honest Islamic terrorist organization because its worldview is not rooted in the stealth Jihad of an extended campaign against a stronger West practiced by Muslim Brotherhood front groups and the Brotherhood’s Al Qaeda splinter, but of an apocalyptic conquest in which the triumph of Islam is so imminent that there is no more need for Taqiyya.

ISIS has so effectively crushed the politically correct myths about Islam that the establishment has been sent reeling into deeper levels of denial. Politicians throw tantrums and refuse to call the Islamic State by its name. They insist that it’s a group of psychotic nihilists that have nothing to do with Islam. And yet Muslims around the world have flocked to its black banner. They claim that admitting the truth about ISIS aids the terrorists and that the only way to defeat the Islamic State is through vigorous denials.

While they huddle behind their flimsy shelters of lies, once again, our invaluable guide steps into the breach with another book, exposing the myths about ISIS and revealing what its existence means for Islam and a besieged free world.

Beginning with its origins, Robert Spencer charts the rise of ISIS from long before Obama was insisting that the terror group was a jayvee team. He demonstrates that ISIS is not an aberration, but part of a historical continuity with groups such as the Assassins and more recent precedents in the Wahhabi forces of Saudi Arabia. “Al Qaeda is simply an especially virulent outgrowth of Wahhabism. And ISIS is just an especially virulent outgrowth of Al Qaeda,” Spencer points out.

While Obama, Kerry and Cameron insist that ISIS is something unique and deviant with no basis in Islam, Robert Spencer details its links to Islamic theology using the words and writings of its own leaders. But more importantly he brings out the Islamic subtext that serves as the background grammar for all the terror group’s tactical and philosophical discussions to demonstrate that not only is ISIS not “un-Islamic,” but its entire worldview is thoroughly saturated with Islamic theology.

There would be no ISIS without Islam.


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