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ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE: Muslim migrants living in Buchenwald (concentration camp) memorial site

This is sickening. Those barracks are a memorial — the memory of the dead is sacred. Hallowed ground. It’s like the Ground Zero mosque.


Why don’t they house them at the Louvre?

Adherents to a viciously anti-Semitic ideology housed at Buchenwald. It makes your skin crawl.

The burden on the average German is enormous. Here is but one missive I have received from a German reader:

Here in Germany it is out of control. The government invites and welcomes the muslim refugees. But the most are not real refugees. It is a muslim invasion and nobody says “stop”. The media in Germany and the official political side speaks about a big chance for Germany, everybody who dares to give only a little bit of critic and everyone who asks about future costs or risks or even a change of the society is called a racist, inhuman, and a Nazi. It is nearly not possible anymore to criticize this policy, the media works like inquisition. But many people (I am sure it is the majority!) has a completely opposite opinion. They asked (but nobody tells in television, no newspaper prints it) what will happen. How will the society change? Why nobody controls the invasion? How many terrorists or possible terrorists are already coming in? Who will pay this mess?

We –the mayority- are under control and the media supports the control. It is censorship by the political mainstream. Example: the story about the drowned, dead boy in the Mediterranean sea has been shown many day in all media. They spoke about “shame for Europe”, “shame for humanity” and so on. But the story behind, about a father who is not really a refugee but somebody who wants new teeth by the german taxpayer was nowhere shown in Germany. Now they start to discuss about tax increase.

We, the ordinary people, we cannot hide, we cannot go anywhere. I feel like falling in a trap.

I tell you this so that you are not thinking all Germans are gone mad

Chancellor Merkel is incoherent on this. She visited the University of Bern and was asked about the asylum migration crisis, how she would protect our citizens and our culture from this islamic mass immigration. Watch.

Housed in a notorious concentration camp: Refugees who fled to Europe for a better life are living in former Nazi barracks at Buchenwald where thousands of slave-labourers died after being subjected to medical experiments

21 male asylum-seekers living on site of Buchenwald concentration camp
Men are waiting for the asylum-seeker applications to be returned to them
56,000 prisoners died at the camp between July 1937 and April 1945
Angela Merkel welcomed thousands of migrants to Germany in last week

Refugees in Germany are being housed in a former Nazi concentration camp where thousands of slave-labourers were once held.

Twenty-one male asylum seekers have been moved to the former barracks of the notorious Buchenwald concentration camp, where SS officers killed thousands of prisoners during the Second World War.

The migrants, some of whom have been living in the camp for several months, are being given 135 euros (£99) by the government for food and necessities while they wait to be moved.

Abdurahman Massa, from northern Eritrea, is housed with Ayaya Tsinat, 21, in room number two while he waits for his refugee application to be accepted.

The 20-year-old said he does not mind what the building was before, adding: ‘This is good for me.’

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