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French soccer fan converts to Islam, joins jihad terror group, blows himself up

Can anyone say his conversion to Islam was a positive thing? “That’s what hurts me the most. What he became. What he was made to become, the indoctrination,” said his father. “We have to watch out for our children, and for all those young adults who are at a loose end these days. They make easy prey.” But the churches and other organizations in the West wouldn’t dream of establishing any programs to counter Islamic proselytizing among their young people. That would be “Islamophobic,” and might harm the “dialogue.” Even Drugeon’s father is grieving now, but where was he when his son converted to Islam? He probably was a good multiculturalist and encouraged David in his new faith.


“Killed in Syria, The French Football Fan Turned Bombmaker,” Agence France-Presse, September 12, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Paris: From football matches to international jihad, the 25-year-old Frenchman David Drugeon converted as a teen to Islam and drifted toward ever more radical groups, up until his death in July in a coalition air strike in Syria.

Drugeon – by now a bombmaker for an Al-Qaeda offshoot — was believed killed once before, in an airstrike in November 2014. This time his death has been established beyond doubt by US officials.

Born in 1989 into a middle class family in the Brittany town of Vannes, he became passionate about football and would travel to the southern city of Marseille with his father to see his favorite team, OM, play.

When his parents divorced in 2002, Drugeon and his brother Cyril drew close to ultraconservative Salafist Muslims who would gather in their neighborhood.

The two brothers quickly converted to Islam and David – who was just 13 at the time – became known as “Daoud,” started learning Arabic and studied the Koran.

On his page on “Copains d’avant,” a Facebook-style French website, he is seen posing in a white shirt, unsmiling.

On the list of countries he “dreams of visiting,” he wrote: “Afghanistan, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Israel, Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria.”

Explosives expert

“He was a sweet guy who didn’t cause any trouble. A football enthusiast,” a former classmate in Vannes who wished to remain anonymous told AFP.


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