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11 Most Common Bad Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys


Kidneys are the most executable pair of organs of the body. The kidneys purify the blood of unnecessary substances which are then discharged through the urethra. Kidney disease is one of the costliest illnesses in the world and managing kidney disease is very expensive. Kidney failure is often due to the build-up of waste products in the body. Inability to remove potassium from the bloodstream may lead to abnormal heart rhythms and sudden death.

11 Most Common Bad Habits That Seriously Damage Your Kidneys

Pain-killer abuse
Too much uses of pain-killers for simple pain is a bad habit. Most pain-killers have severe side effects and can damage different organs, such as kidneys. Study shows taking pain killers long term reduces blood flow and deteriorates kidney’s main function.

Alcohol consumption
Too much alcohol consumption damaged our kidney and liver. Drinking on limit is not bad but most of us don’t stop after just one drink. Alcohol is actually a legal toxin that puts a lot of stress on our kidneys and liver.

Not drinking water
Proper hydration should be needed for kidney to function well. If we don’t drink enough, toxins start accumulating in the blood, as there isn’t enough fluid to drain them through the kidneys. You have to drink more than 10 glasses of water daily.

Too much protein
Over-consumption protein-rich foods such as red meat can deteriorate damaged kidneys condition. A protein-rich diet is essentially healthy unless you suffer from kidney damage and kidney disease. Too much protein increases the metabolic load on our kidneys.

Hold urine
Hold urine for long time can damaged kidney. You must know full of urine bladder for a long long time, can appear complications in the urinary tract and increased pressure of urine in the kidneys.

Magnesium deficiency
If you magnesium deficient, calcium can’t get properly absorbed and assimilated, which can result in formation of kidney stone. To prevent that, consume green leafy vegetables, beans, seeds and nuts. The mighty avocado is a good source of magnesium as well.


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