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China and Russia claim the arctic and threaten National Security of the North America


The U.S. and Canada have now joined forces and placed significant resources to try to figure out what China and Russia are trying to do in the arctic as they begin to have more military presence in the area, perhaps preparing for a showdown against North America.

Global warming is a fact that is beginning to create areas in the arctic that could be explored for resources and used for transportation. On the other side of the coin, are the national security threats that this could cause when Russia and China position their military assets on the area in order to secure the land for their own.

While building the analysis and intelligence collection are two things that must happen immediately, the more important part of all that is that the US and Canada also begin to figure out how that area will be split and used. Failing to begin to take notice of the diplomatic negotiations would land the west and the east into another world war.


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