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Feminists Claim It’s Sexist to Compliment Women

Feminazi publicly shames man for complimenting her

A feminist lawyer has publicly accused a man of “sexism” after he complimented her photo on LinkedIn.

The woman, 27-year-old Charlotte Proudman, garnered wide support from feminists for tweeting out a private message she received from intellectual property lawyer Alexander Carter-Silk complimenting her “stunning picture” and her response to him calling him sexist for his “unacceptable and misogynistic behavior.”

“Think twice before sending another woman (half your age) such a sexist message,” she wrote to Carter-Silk, discriminating him for his age while calling him “sexist.”

Proudman claimed she publicly shamed him because the “public interest in exposing sexism outweighed any privacy in this respect.”

But is it really sexist for a man to tell a woman she has “the best LinkedIn picture” he had ever seen?

Yes, according to feminists who also claim it’s racist if you don’t sleep with people outside your race.

“Sexual racism… is closely associated with generic racist attitudes, which challenges the idea of racial attraction as solely a matter of personal preference,’” said pro-feminist researchers at the University of New South Wales.

So you’re racist if you don’t have interracial sex with women, but you’re also sexist if you compliment them.

That’s feminist “logic” in a nutshell; being male oppresses women!


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