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Hungary calls in the Army: Soldiers given shock powers to use rubber bullets on migrants


CHAOS has erupted in Hungary after thousands of army soldiers assembled at the Hungarian borders as the Government gave them power to use rubber bullets and tear gas on migrants.

The 3,800 troops descended on Hungary’s border with Serbia this morning to provide live border guards.

Prisonsers have been drafted in to build 10km of fencing every day.

Tough new powers have been issued by the Hungarian government to deal with the growing migrant crisis amid fears the country could be hit by terror attacks linked to the influx of refugees.

It will see the army being called in to deal with border checks and soldiers given the right to use a host of weapons against migrants.

That will assist the police who will also be given new rights to fight people smugglers including entering homes without official authority and collecting information from abroad.

Migrants fearful of the army using force, today stormed past police and began walking on the motorway to Vienna.

Austria was forced to close part of the A4 motorway near the Hungarian border as an estimated 1,000 people rushed through police cordons to make the 40-mile trip on foot as the country’s railway company OeBB stopped its services to and from Hungary due to overcrowding.

The power to shoot will come into force next week after the decision was approved by parliament last night.

The extreme law comes in as Janos Lazar, chief of cabinet to the prime minister, Viktor Orban, says that the possibility of terrorism is growing in Hungary, which has been under-siege from refugees in recent weeks.

Soldiers will be allowed to use rubber bullets, tear gas grenades, crowd-dissolving weapons and even arms that can harm the human body, deputy leader of the Fidesz party, Gergely Gulyas, announced.

Istvan Simicsko, Hungary’s Home Defence Minister, told Hungary’s popular breakfast show Mokka: “I promised the Prime Minister that I will speed up this process and I will work day and night to finish the fence.”

The Hungarian army has supported the building of the country’s fences with Serbia

The activity of organised criminal groups and the possibility of terrorist attacks are both growing

Soldiers are now undergoing training to prepare them for action, while a recruitment drive is beginning to swell the force to 8,000 troops.

Mr Simicsko said: “Because the fence itself is not enough, we will need life guard too. They will have to maintain the peaceful situation and make sure that everyone is following the rules and law.

“They will have weapons, but they can only use it, if their own or a civil person’s life is in immediate danger. They will always have to follow the principle of proportion.”

The law states they must not takes lives unless “in the case of an attack that seriously jeopardises the life or the physical safety of people”.


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