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ISIS terrorist behind massacre of 21 tourists at Tunisian museum arrested in Italy, arriving on ‘refugee’ boat

They caught only one? How many years have we been warning about this now? Meanwhile the Eurocrats have allowed thousands to enter, and another thousands to return from decaptating people in Iraq and Syria, while helping terrorists to bring down President Assad.


These boats are not created for “people fleeing persecution”. They are created with the sole purpose of infiltrating other countries with terrorists, nothing else. Readers may recall the huge cargo ships, worth millions of dollars, arranged to bring in “migrants”. Who pays millions of dollars for a cargo ship to bring in some pretentious migrants who appears to have thousands of dollars to pay “smugglers”? These ships are purchased by terrorists. And we wouldn’t be surprised if the funding originates from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The ships are filled with terrorists, padded with women and children to make the cargo appear more legit to corner the idiotic left-winger to take in terrorists and their breeding machines.

The European politicians need to be charged for conspiracy to commit terrorism and for treason and face the appropriate punishment. Muslims need to be deported from the West and all trade with the Islamic world must come to an end, and be punishable with sanctions.


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