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Say Goodbye To Belly Bloat Forever! Here Are 5 Simple Tips To Help You Flatten Your Stomach Starting Today!


Here are 5 very effective and simple tips that will help you flatten your stomach starting today:

Decrease The Salt Intake

The salt is very beneficial and needed compound of healthy living. However, if you are consuming excess of salt, you will retain the water and that could lead to imbalance of water and salt in the body, which is synonym with the “not so favorite” 5 letter word: bloat. If you are consuming processed foods as frozen dinners, snacks, fast foods, etc. you are very likely to intake excess sodium.

Drink More Water

Consuming water is releasing stored cellular fluid and that means flatter belly. When we are dehydrated, the body desperately needs water. Drinking water is restoring the flat belly look if you haven’t been consuming H2O. You need to drink minimum of half of the body weight into ounces. If you are weighting 120 lbs., you need to drink minimum 60 ounces daily.

Stop Chewing Gums

Chewing gum is encouraging you to gulp an air and to fill the tummy up with some air just like you were blowing up balloon. And guess what? If you gum is sugar-free one – it is hex.


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