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‘The Jewish people will never be silent ever again’

As in the days of the bloody Oslo Accords, today too the Israeli media is rushing to get behind a dangerous agreement: the one with Iran • I wouldn’t count on this deal, Obama’s deal, being a success, and I certainly wouldn’t trust the media’s forecasts.

Now that U.S. President Barack Obama has secured the necessary support to ensure passage of the Iran nuclear agreement through Congress, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s “well-wishers” in the media are coming out of the woodwork just to say, “We told you so.” They even go a step further and demand that we apologize for supporting Netanyahu’s address to Congress against the nuclear agreement back in March.

But they are the ones who should apologize. Their foresight leaves much to be desired: The people who opposed Netanyahu’s speech at Congress are the same people who once promoted, with every fiber of their beings, another deadly agreement, the 1993 Oslo Accords. Like the current Iran agreement, Oslo was marketed to the masses as a “peace” agreement. These same people supported Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza and promised us permanent calm on our southern border. Indeed, their ability to analyze long-term implications appears quite faulty.

Around here, historic events come with a built in hourglass. Once the sand runs out, the media’s interest dissipates. But for the benefit of the skeptics among our readers, here is a list of the achievements so far in the battle against the Iran nuclear agreement:

  1. Obama and his team have had to withstand a powerful onslaught of distrust — the wisdom of their diplomacy and their negotiations capabilities have been called into question repeatedly. Doubt was cast over their ability to ensure American interests, be it American interests in the world or the U.S.’s relations with its allies. This onslaught, which exposed the administration’s weaknesses (and this would be a good time to congratulate the American media for being courageous enough to go after the administration — compare that to the Israeli media’s embarrassing sugar coating of the Oslo Accords and silencing of the accords’ opponents), has pushed the American president into an apologetic, defensive corner. Public opinion among Americans largely opposes the agreements, as do most elected officials.
  2. In response, the American administration has been forced to publicly declare its commitment to Israel about a thousand times and list the generous compensatory steps it would take to appease us — including both short- and long-term defense and development aid.
  3. The old threat of withholding the U.S.’s veto power at the U.N., leaving us vulnerable to anti-Israel votes, is no longer on the table. Please take note, Mr. “hold-me-back” serial resigner Mahmoud Abbas: The last thing Obama needs right now is to prove his opponents’ claims that he indirectly supports the fight against Israel’s existence.
  4. One of the strongest arguments against the American negotiators during the Iran talks was that they focused too much on the nuclear issue and ignored Iran’s terrorist activity throughout the world, especially targeting Israel. On this, too, the Americans have been endlessly defensive. This criticism could eventually bear fruit in the form of American pressure on the Iranian tentacles, especially in our region.


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