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Tired mum ‘told she deserved to DIE’ by Muslim passenger for putting her FEET on train seat


Ruby Butler, 27, who has film of the encounter, said she would have removed her feet had he asked her nicely

A tired mother says she was told by a Muslim man that she deserved to be killed – for resting her feet on a train seat.

Ruby Butler, 27, had her feet on a chair on the Overground when the man challenged her and began threatening her.

Ms Butler, who began filming the encounter after he said she should be killed, said she would have removed her feet had he been polite but was shocked at his aggression.

She said: “I was wearing a brand new pair of white Converse shoes which had given me blisters.

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“I wanted to make myself feel a bit more comfortable so I put my feet on the seat.

“The train was quite empty, there were over 50 chairs I could see that were empty but this gentleman with a beard walks along and says ‘move your feet from the chair’.

Row: The man who shouted at Ms Butler

“I asked him if he worked for the train company and he said ‘Yes I do’ so I asked to see some ID but he said he was off duty today.

“I said ‘Come back to me when you’re in a uniform’.


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