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If what China just did doesn’t scare you, you’re not paying attention


The Obama administration pivoted its national security strategy and foreign policy away from the Middle East to the Pacific Rim. The biggest shift was to move a battalion of Marines to Australia — quite sure they’re enjoying being Down Under. Meanwhile, China has increased its cyber attacks against the United States. It has further encroached upon the Japanese territory known as the Senkaku Islands on the Philippines Scarborough Shoals. China has recently conducted naval exercises off the coast of Alaska while President Obama was there discussing climate change. And now China has just flipped Obama another response to his so-called shift to the Pacific.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “China appears to be building a third airstrip in contested territory in the South China Sea, a U.S. expert said on Monday, citing satellite photographs taken last week.

The photographs taken for Washington’s Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) think tank on Sept. 8 show construction on Mischief Reef, one of several artificial islands China has created in the Spratly archipelago.The images show a rectangular area with a retaining wall, 3,000 meters (3,280 yards) long, matching similar work by China on two other reefs, Subi and Fiery Cross, said Greg Poling, director of CSIS’s Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI).

“Clearly, what we have seen is going to be a 3,000-meter airstrip and we have seen some more work on what is clearly going to be some port facilities for ships,” he said. Security experts say the strip would be long enough to accommodate most Chinese military aircraft, giving Beijing greater reach into the heart of maritime Southeast Asia, where it has competing claims with several countries. China stepped up creation of artificial islands in the South China Sea last year, drawing strong criticism from Washington, which has spoken against militarization of outposts there.”

It is typical for the Obama administration to strenuously object to the belligerent actions of countries like Russia and China, or just reward them with billions of unfrozen assets in the case of Iran? And there’s an upcoming White House State dinner for China… I have a question for our astute readers: should the American taxpayers foot the bill for a state dinner to honor China’s President Xi Jinping?


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