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DID HELL JUST FREEZE OVER: Angry Gazans Say ‘Israel Better Than Hamas’


Hamas jailing frustrated Gazans for protesting over electricity crisis, locals say, after months of tension with PA over power.

Prolonged disputes between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA) have left Gazans without electricity for eight-hour stretches – and Gazans say that they prefer Israel over their Hamas rulers as the crisis continues.

“The Israelis are better,” Ibrahim, one Gazan, told Channel 2 Wednesday. “All talk on the street is about the electricity. All the public talks about is how hard it is in Gaza.”

Last Monday, amid an unprecedented heat wave in the region, protests turned into violent clashes between Gazans and the Hamas police force over the issue. Hamas threatened further violence against violators of public order; many residents are afraid to express their anger.”

“They have no mercy,” Ibrahim said. “Whoever opens his mouth will be sent to jail for a year or two.”

Meanwhile, the electricity crisis is worsening.


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