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Father of Iconic Drowned Boy Was Human Smuggler, Captained Death Boat


The father should be indicted for his son’s death.

Back on September 6th, I published the truth about the toddler’s father while the media was treating him as though he were a poor, exploited victim. Abdullah Kurdi’s story was made up. His lies were used and rewarded by the media in full-blown propaganda, while pressuring Europe to take in more economic migrants who have never experienced a war zone. The dead toddler pornography is a dream-come-true PR campaign serving ISIS and their overwhelming Muslim supporters.

A Russian blog showed photos of the boy’s body being moved/positioned for the now infamous photograph.

The father’s fake story is still being used to justify the Islamic “refugee” invasion of Europe. Here is a superb piece about the many inconsistencies in the father’s story…..

Tragic Aylan Kurdi’s father was the PEOPLE SMUGGLER driving doomed boat, claims survivor
THE migrant father of the three-year-old whose lifeless body washed up on a Turkish beach rocked the world has now been accused of being the people smuggler who captained the ill-fated boat trip to Europe.
By Selina Sykes, Express,  Sep 11, 2015

The shocking claims made by a woman who lost two of her three children during the perilous journey were revealed by her Australian cousin to a broadcaster last night.Zainab Abbas said Abdullah Kurdi, the father of Aylan, was the driver of the boat which capsized in the Agean Sea and had lied to the world.Mr Kurdi has previously claimed he took over the wheel at the dinghy when the captain panicked and jumped ship into the water.An outpouring of sympathy and support for refugees followed the photo of Aylan’s body washed up on Turkish shores.Yet some have begun to pick holes in Mr Kurdi’s story, with some claiming the images were manipulated and Aylan’s body had been moved in order to take a more effective photos, according to the French newspaper Le Monde.

Ms Tahseen told The Sydney Daily Telegraph her cousin told her Mr Kurdi was definitely at the wheel of the doomed boat for the entire journey.


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