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Inside the only SAS and Delta Force raid on an ISIS leader: How Baghdadi deputy was shot twice in the chest as he grabbed gun and his wife pretended to be a Yazidi sex slave in cowardly bid to evade capture


A captured Yazidi teenager has told of how US and British special forces raided the house of a high-ranking ISIS fighter, shot him down, and arrested his wife who pretended to be a sex slave in a cowardly bid to avoid capture.

Under cover of darkness, the thwump of Black Hawk helicopters cut through the hot night above the rooftops of Deir-ez-Zor in the early hours of May 16.

Deep in ISIS territory, 15 special forces soldiers from the US elite Delta Force exited the choppers and made their way towards the home of ISIS’s chief financier and head of oil operations. He was also the ‘best friend’ of the terror group’s leader.

They had been tipped off about the secret location of Abu Sayyaf and his jihadi bride, who runs its vicious sex slave network, through local Kurdish forces who work as informants for the CIA and Pentagon.

After two cancelled raids on Sayyaf’s hideout – one because of a guidance problem and another due to severe weather – the team of Delta Force soldiers, supported by British SAS troops were determined that it would be third time lucky.

Not only did they kill Sayyaf, arrest his wife Umm Sayyaf and rescue a Yazidi girl being held hostage, they uncovered a treasure trove of intelligence on how the terror group operates, communicates and earns cash – Sayaff was in charge of the terror group’s oil operations.

MailOnline can now reveal the daring details of the midnight raid – the only known Kill or Capture operation by US Special Forces and the SAS on a ISIS leader so far, as told by that 18-year-old Yazidi girl.

The Special Air Service troops had joined the US operation in May. They kept their role a secret by wearing American uniforms and carrying Colt Model 727 assault rifles, used by Delta Force soldiers and US Navy SEALs.

Dozens of them flew into Deir-ez-Zor on V-22 Osprey aircrafts and dug themselves into the scorching desert as they mounted a recon mission on Sayyaf’s hideout.

Using hi-res cameras fitted with telescopic lenses, they sent detailed tactical pictures of the enemy fighters surrounding the complex, their behaviour and weapons to US Central Command in Qatar.

Once they had confirmed Sayyaf’s presence there, US commanders wasted no time in ordering the assault.

At around 2am, U.S. aircraft screamed over the compound, cutting down ISIS fighters and the stone-walled building with rockets and machinegun fire.

The Yazidi prisoner was alone in one of the rooms of the house when the surprise attack began.

Elsewhere in the house were the ISIS commander, his wife Umm Sayyaf, her sister and her husband – who doubled as Abu Sayyaf’s bodyguard – were cowering under the heavy fire.

When the airborne assault ceased, ground troops moved in to eradicate the surviving jihadists and take down Sayyaf and his wife.

The troops fought through the extremists keeping guard outside and forced their way to Sayyaf’s house, shooting down two guards stood directly outside.


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