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Stickers north of Montreal: “Quebec is a land of Allah; convert [to Islam] otherwise…”

Residents north of Montreal found stickers on their cars: “Quebec is a land of Allah; convert [to Islam] otherwise…” The stickers show the logo of the Muslim Brotherhood, the word “Allah” written in Arabic orthography and a picture of a turbaned armed man holding a black flag resembling that of the armed group the Islamic State (ISIS).

To watch ICI Radio Canada’s report click here. Repentigny police have opened an investigation. This may just be a hoax.

In recent years dozens of Quebec residents either joined or tried to leave Canada to join the ranks of al-Qaeda, the Islamic State and other Islamic terrorist groups operating in Syria and Iraq.

In 2013, Jamal Muhammad Abdulkader, a student from Montreal and member of Kurdish family from north Syria, joined Jabhat al-Nusra, affiliated with al-Qaeda. He was killed while driving a booby-trapped attack in central Damascus.


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