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Turn the Refugees Into Soldiers and Have Them Defend Their Own Countries.


Here’s a better response from the United States and Europe to the hordes of primarily military-aged males fleeing Syria, Iraq, Libya and other war-torn Third World hellholes: Go home and fight for your own damn countries, you cowards.

The situations their people have created for themselves back home are apparently so bad that we Westerners are morally compelled to open our homes and checkbooks to them, so why the hell would we want a bunch of mostly young men who left behind their women and children? America is supposed to be the Home of the Brave, not the Hostel of the Gutless.

These military-aged males should become part of an army to free their homelands, not part of an army of welfare layabouts sponging off ours. We can train them and support them with airpower and advisors; let the Gulf states pick up the tab. Sure, it’s nice of the Saudis to offer to build 200 new mosques, but is it a smart play to invite in hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men from places where a significant percentage of the young Muslim men want to kill us?

And this isn’t temporary refuge we are talking about. These dudes are here to stay. They are never leaving once they reach the big Safeway and Uncle Sam, Uncle Olaf, Uncle Fritz, or whoever starts giving them free money for merely existing.

Now, this is when the noodle-heads pop up to start yapping about how this is all the West’s fault and if it wasn’t for us these people would be back home living the highlife in their not-at-all-corrupt, free-as-a-bird paradises.


We went into Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan and we freed them from brutal, violent dictators who piled bodies like cordwood. We spent blood and treasure for these strangers, but after handing freshly-freed countries back to them they choose to embrace chaos. Remember all those purple fingers in Baghdad? We didn’t mess those countries up. They did it to themselves.

To believe we were wrong to rescue those countries is to consider their inhabitants permanently incapable of self-rule. What the bleeding hearts are really saying is, “Hey, you were wrong to remove their dictators because we all know that Muslims can’t possibly live like civilized people and that if you remove their dictators they’ll be unable to avoid reverting to Dark Ages-level savagery.”

That’s false – Kosovo is an example. But the uncomfortable fact is that in other countries where we gave them the chance to be the Utopias the leftists always say they would be if not for us, the inhabitants screwed it up.


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