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VIDEO: American Forces Find Where ISIS Is Hiding Ammunition… Drop Pure Fury From Sky


On Sept. 8, a coalition of American-led fighter jets hammered an Islamic State group base and staging area stockpiled with explosives and ammunition.

The base was situated near the Iraqi city of Ramadi and was used to control militants across the region, funnel military aid down the Euphrates River Valley and store copious amounts of explosives.

Islamic State militants seized control of Ramadi in May 17, though Iraqi troops with allied air support have been trying to regain control of it ever since. Taking out this base certainly helped with that goal.

“Destroying this facility enables Iraqi security forces activities in and around Ramadi while degrading (Islamic State group) command and control capability throughout the area,” task force representative Army Col. Michael Indovina explained to reporters.

A video recording of the attack showed an initial explosion followed by a stream of enormous secondary explosions as the weapons and equipment at the base caught fire and themselves exploded.

The initial hit on the base occurs near the beginning of the video, but the major secondary explosions take another minute or so to start (H/T Western Journalism):


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