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Video: Syrian ‘refugee’ tripped by camerawoman had terrorist flags on his Facebook wall

Just take a look at how Europe is importing terrorists! After tripping up a ‘refugee’ when he and others burst through a police cordon, the camerawoman was fired from her job and the ‘refugee’ is now settling in at his new German flat. This important video shows exactly what sort of viper the West is now taking to its bosom, because he’s not an innocent ‘refugee’, he’s a committed supporter of Jabaat al-Nusra – Al Qaeda in Syria!

The KTI pointed this info out several days ago after a Christian Syrian group found it. Now it’s spreading – but still no sign of this vital warning appearing in the so-called Mainstream Media (more accurately called “the Lying Press”). So as they won’t spread the warning, we must, so please’Like’ and ‘Share’ this and help it go viral. Thanks.



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