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YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP: Naked Spanish clowns anger ‘Palestinians’


Activists draw criticsm online after posing nude in front of the separation barrier wearing clown noses in protest of Israeli policy.

Pro-Palestinian Spanish activists posted photos online Wednesday, naked except for red clown noses in front of the West Bank separation barrier in Jerusalem, meant to show opposition to the wall dividing Israelis from Palestinians.

The group witnessed a somewhat unexpected reaction online however, as members of the conservative-leaning Palestinian community slammed them for lack of respect and “disgusting solidarity.

“They’re standing like animals,” said one viewer. “They’re pigs, nothing more. Our nation is too pure for pigs to visit.”

Another commentator said sarcastically, “Now we probably won’t get any rain this winter as punishment for this act.”

There were also viewers who expressed support for the group however, pointing out that the unusual photos could draw world-wide attention to their cause.


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