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WARNING: If You See This Plant, Whatever You Do Don’t Touch It

This plant is called giant hogweed and buds pretty white flowers that give it an altogether innocuous look.  Folks, make no mistake touching this plant!

Kids are in danger because they are more curious.

They should teach this in schools. There are only 10 plants in north america (excluding fungi) that kids need to know to avoid. So sad that kids aren’t taught basic things like this… or like what poison oak looks like.


Although part of the Carrot family, the giant hogweed can grow up to 14 feet tall and has a deadly toxic sap!

If you brush up against this plant, accidentally break the stem or touch any of its sap that may be on it already you will get powerful blisters! The stem is quite tall so this is very easy to do and this applies to any part of your body with skin! The stems are green with patches of purple and is a bit hairy, filled with white hairs so you have an idea of what to avoid.

What Will It Do To You?

If you come into contact with the plant’s sap you can expect sever blisteringpossible blindness if it comes into contact with your eyes and possible third degree burns. These effects come from the type of chemicals that it contains.  When these chemicals come in contact with human skin they dramatically increase the skins sensitivity to light.

This can cause blisters that are actually very painful and form within around 48 hours and can last from anywhere between a few months to six years.  It can cause LONG TERM sensitivity to light if the sap gets in the eye.

What to Do If You Or Your Child Come In Contact With It?

The best prevention is of course to avoid it!

But if you come into contact with the plant you should wash with cold water immediately as the toxic reaction can begin within 15 minutes after contact and get the heck out of the sun.


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