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Going to Mecca has Killed 4,000 Muslims in 40 years


There’s just something fatal about Islam

Making Haj may be one of the deadliest things for a Muslim to do. The latest “stoning the devil” accident, in which Muslim pilgrims to Mecca reenact an ancient pagan ritual involving Mercury, has led to a huge death toll that currently stands at 717 dead and 863 wounded.

“Stoning the devil” has been a killer for Muslims before.

23 May 1994: About 270 people die in a stampede at the “Stoning of the Devil” ritual.

9 April 1998: On the third and last day of the Haj pilgrimage, a stampede at Jamarat Bridge kills at least 118 pilgrims. As many as 50 of them were Indians and the rest were from Malaysia and Indonesia. At least 180 are injured.

5 March 2001: At least 36 pilgrims including 23 women and 12 men are trampled to death in a stampede during the Stoning of Satan ritual. Of this, two were Indians.

11 February 2003: At least 14 people including six women die in a stampede during the Stoning of Satan ritual.

1 February 2004: At least 251 people are killed and 244 injured when pilgrims flock to Jamarat bridge on Mina to participate in the Stoning of the Devil ritual in Mina. Most of the dead were Indonesians, Bangladeshis and Pakistanis.

12 January 2006: At least 346 pilgrims die and 289 injured when pilgrims throng at the Jamarat Bridge to perform the Stoning of Satan ritual.

This problem could be solved if the Saudis cared enough to stop shoving huge masses of frenzied people into small spaces. But the Saudis don’t care. And the Muslim devil fetish has claimed some 1,500 lives so far.


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