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Obama’s Pentagon-Trained Muslim Rebels Betrayed US and Handed Their Weapons Over to Al-Qaeda

Last month, reported leaked documents on how Obama’s $500 million plan to train ‘moderate’ Muslims to combat ISIS forces in Syria was selling out the U.S. and that soon, all the millions of tax dollar-paid weapons will go to Al-Qaeda.

As it turned out, we were correct.

Pentagon-trained rebels in Syria are now reported to have betrayed their American backers and handed their weapons over to al-Qaeda in Syria immediately after re-entering the country.

It is exactly as we reported a month ago when the Pentagon denied the claim of the abduction of a third of this U.S.-appointed regiment. This was a complete lie by the Pentagon, but one official document, including an interview with the main leader of the U.S.-backed Regimen-30, First Lieutenant Abu Iskandar, reveals receiving the best of training and declares his appeal to Al-Nusra, reminding the group of its unity agreement with Al-Nusra to join forces. translated and revealed the documents:


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