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That is the most brilliant trick against wasps ever. All you need is a paper bag!


Summer time is wasp time! This little pests can really spoil the most beautiful time of the year. From middle August on, these guys are droning everywhere because of the harvest: buzzing around your patio or picnic basket. As soon as kids and allergies enter the scene it can rapidly develop into a serious problem. But with these all-natural tricks, that we will show you today, you’ll hold these yellow-black dangers in check.

To rid yourself of these annoying ever-present companions (or to not attract them in the first place), there are a few easy, useful tricks. And the best part? Not a single chemical in sight!

  1. Coffee powder

Put some coffee powder into a bowl and use a lighter to make it smolder a bit. The smoke will keep wasps away.

  1. Pennies

Wasps hate the smell of copper and brass. Rub some pennies on your hands and put a few in a bowl on your table.

  1. No colorful clothing

Like all insects, wasps are attracted by garish colors. If you dress yourself and your children in more plain and muted tones you’ll lower the wasps’ belligerence considerably.

  1. Basil

The smell of some plants is pure kryptonite for wasps. Basil is a member of this club. If you put a pot with some on your garden table, wasps will take a big detour around it. Tomato plants also have the same effect (but are less decorative).


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