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The Right Way of Drinking Water According to Ayurveda


According to Ayurveda, drinking water toward the end of a dinner is much the same as drinking toxic substance. It executes the Jathaaragni (that part of prana or vitality which empowers the body to process sustenance) consequently making the nourishment spoils inside the system as opposed to getting processed. This thus prompts abundance corrosive and gas being delivered in the framework and an extremely endless loop begins.

Maharishi Vagh Bhatt has distinguished 103 afflictions that happen as an aftereffect of drinking water in the wake of having eaten nourishment.

1. The minimum gap in the middle of nourishment and water ought to be between 1.5 to 2.5 hrs. This additionally differs in light of geographic and different conditions and the length of time is higher in the mountains and lower in fields and hot ranges. This is on account of the body’s capacity to process sustenance changes with the encompassing conditions.

2. Water drink before nourishment ought to be inebriated no less than 40 minutes prior to eating sustenance.

3. To clean the mouth and throat after sustenance stand out or two tastes of warm/gunguna water can be taken.

4. On the off chance that truly parched, one can have new squeeze of occasional natural products in the wake of morning dinner and buttermilk/chhaas after lunch. Milk can be had after supper. Despite the fact that these likewise contain generally water, the properties are totally diverse and they really help assimilation and the body as opposed to harming it.


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