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What really happens to your body an hour after eating a Big Mac? Expert debunks claims

Big-mac_0It could take more than three days to digest the burger, it is claimed

An expert has debunked a series of claims about the processes your body goes through an hour after eating a Big Mac burger.

According to a graphic published by website Fast Food Menu Price, 10 minutes after eating the McDonald’s burger, “feel-good” chemicals have been released creating a feeling of pleasure.

The process, according to the graphic, “works in a similar way for drugs like cocaine and contributes to the likelihood of compulsive eating”.

It says that after 20 minutes your body is craving another burger because high levels of fructose corn syrup and sodium are both “addictive”.

Half an hour after eating a Big Mac, the graphic claims you can feel dehydrated because of the high levels of salt in the burger.

An hour after eating the burger, the graphic suggests the slow digestion process is taking place – and that it could take more than three days to fully digest the burger.

But a dietitian and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association, Priya Tew, said she did not agree with a lot of the information presented in the graphic.

“I think they’ve overinflated some statements,” she told The Independent.

First 10 minutes – Our brains prefer high-calorie foods

“We do naturally have a tendency to prefer high-fat foods. They’re more palatable and our body knows that they are energy dense foods… I agree with that,” Ms Tew said.

“And I agree that a Big Mac is going to raise your sugar levels. I wouldn’t say necessarily to abnormal levels but it is going to raise them.”

After 20 minutes – Addictive sugars

Ms Tew said: “It says that the Big Mac bun has high levels of fructose corn syrup and sodium [and] both [items] are addictive.


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