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Georgia Police Chief Exposes Shocking Fact About Islamic Camp in His County


John W. Gaissert, the police chief of Commerce, Ga. knows terrorism when he sees it.

Gaissert has spent a lifetime in law enforcement, worked as a security consultant for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, and has testified before the House Subcommittee on Intelligence.

The Muslims Of America (TMOA), a group with ties to the extremist Jamaat Fuqra organization, have a compound in Franklin County near Commerce, Ga. and it has the chief worried.

“Their spiritual mentor is Sheikh Gilani and his concept is to make your enemy your friend and then kill them,” said Gaissert.

“And of course the U.S. always seems to back the wrong hound, and when the Afghans were fighting the Russians he (Gilani) recruited 100 men who trained in Pakistan and then fought under Osama bin Laden,” continued Gaissert. “In any event he is a radical clerical.”

There have been no reported acts of violence caused by the members of the Georgia compound, but FBI documents show that the group members in other areas of the country have been tied to 10 murders, three fire bombings, and one attempted firebombing, as well as welfare fraud.

“We know al-Qaida and ISIS have called for lone-wolf attacks… This is not something to be taken lightly. The notion that it can’t happen here and it can’t happen to me is pretty myopic in terms of a world view,” stated Gaissert. “That’s a fatal philosophy for police.”


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