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France: Jews, Muslims Forced to Wear Red Discs Around Necks

Elementary school students in Burgundy singled out for not eating pork; mayor withdraws initiative in shock after parents, leaders protest.

A school in central France has hailed back to the Middle Ages this week, after forcing Jewish and Muslim students who do not eat pork, as well as vegetarians, to wear red and yellow discs around their necks.

The Piedalloues primary school in Auxerre, in Burgundy, forced eighteenstudents to wear the discs, in order to ensure that cafeteria workers did not give them pork or meat.

The practice was withdrawn this week after outraged parents and local officials compared the practice to wearing yellow stars, as mandated by the Nazis, the Telegraph reports.

The mayor immediately ordered the practice be halted after one day, Christian Sautier, director of communications in the mayor’s office, confirmed.

“When we learned about it, we fell out of our chairs,” he added.

France has a long history of forcing Muslims and Jews to wear distinct garb. Along with the yellow star, the discs are perhaps most reminiscent of the “Jew hats” in Italy


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