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Russia threatens to shoot down IAF jets targeting Hezbullah convoys

‘Coordinating’ with the Russians over Syria doesn’t seem to be so much fun after all. According to this story (translated from an Arabic originalhere), the Russians have, in essence, threatened to shoot down any IAF jets targeting weapons convoys moving from Assad forces in Syria to Hezbullah in Lebanon.


“Moscow imposed on Tel Aviv a military coordination in advance for any military operation carried against Syrian military targets or against Hezbollah in Syria, to prevent any fatal accident. Senior military officers on both sides will maintain regular meetings and contacts to allow a smooth Russian military presence in Syria. Above all, Russia would like to avoid shooting down an Israeli jet in case one of its officers is hit by mistake while present in a convoy or in special mission. Israel and Russia will also coordinate naval operations off the coast of Syria, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, where there is a large Russian naval base”, said a decision-maker source in Damascus.

You can bet that every weapons convoy to Hezbullah will now include a Russian officer.

According to the source, quoting a Russian envoy that referred details of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “the promenade era of Israel over the sky of Syria is ending. Israel agreed to stop hitting any military target or convoy on Syrian land under any excuses or without prior coordination with the liaison officers that will be established starting form next October. President Putin opposed the U.S President Barack Obama when he decided to hit President al-Assad. Therefore, Netanyahu’s national security concern would be Russia’s priority. None the less, Putin confirmed that Israel has the right to hit any military convoy leaving Syria and entering the Lebanese soil if suspected of carrying weapons to Hezbollah ».

“Russia is becoming the guarantor and the coordinator


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