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Water discovered on mars…does this prerequisite for life prove we are not alone

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced Monday that its Curiosity rover has found evidence of liquid water on the planet Mars. NASA held a special press conference to reveal its findings. Water is a necessary precondition for the existence of life.

1Water discovered on mars

Mars is the planet most similar to Earth in our solar system, by many parameters (among them the tilt of its axis), and thus many speculations have arisen about the possibility of life inhabiting it.

One speculator was astronomer Percival Lowell, who interpreted fellow astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli’s finding of a network of lines on the planet’s surface (which would later be revealed as an optical error) to be a system of artificial canals, meant to supply water from the poles to Martian residents. Mars’s poles later turned out to be made of frozen CO2.

In May 2011, NASA announced the discovery of new evidence of liquid water on the red planet during the year’s warmer months. The scientists claimed the findings indicate that there was a very real possibility of life on Mars. NASA has had evidence of frozen water on Mars for a decade, near the planet’s poles.

A simulated view of Mars.
A simulated view of Mars.

The Mars region where water once flowed.
The Mars region where water once flowed.

In their Washington press conference Monday, a NASA official said repeatedly that in the future, people will be sent to Mars. He added that scientists are attempting to find answers for basic questions about the universe, such as where we come from and whether or not we’re alone.


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