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MASS SLAUGHTER: The Islamic State CRUCIFY thousands of Xtians

This is slaughter on an industrial scale.


For years, media, political and cultural elites gave been ignoring this unimaginable savagery on a scale not seen since Hitler. Hand-wringing over islamophobia (opposition to this barbarity) is the mantra of the fascists on the left.  For years the handful of us reporting on the persecution, oppression and slaughter of religious minorities under Islam have been smeared, demonized, and marginalized.

In areas controlled by the Islamic State, Christians have been crucified, beheaded, raped and subjected to forced conversion.

Christian children are also being sold as slaves.

Time for action is long past and what do we get, Obama addressing the world form the US yesterday blasting anyone that links the Islamic State with Islam as “ignorant”.

Either he is ignorant or evil — I am sure it is the latter.

Genocide of the Christian Martyrs laid bare: Sick ISIS butchers CRUCIFY thousands in Syria
SPECIAL REPORT: We realise that many readers will find this image shocking, but feel it is vital to show the true horror of ISIS. And now a Jewish survivor of Nazi terror is leading the crusade to rescue the Christian Martyrs.
By Caroline Wheeler EXCLUSIVE, The Express, Tue, Sep 29, 2015

IT WAS only when the gates of the Nazi death camps were thrown open that the industrial scale of Hitler’s killing became known.Western diplomats had received scattered information about Nazi massacres of Jewish people and “undesirables” in occupied Poland and Russia but it was difficult to confirm.Yet just 70 years since the end of the Second World War, a genocide is taking place once again, this time against Christians.Scores have already been murdered by Islamic State and thousands forced to leave ancient Christian communities in northeastern Syria and western Iraq as the extremists demand they either convert to Islam, pay an extortionate rate of tax or face execution.

Some have even been crucified.

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